Jonathan M. Dunitz lives in Maine, but looks like he belongs in New York City; measure out ½ left brain, ½ right brain and you have a trumpet-playing photographer who does not play a lawyer on TV, just in real life.  He is also an accomplished photographer with a unique perspective that embodies a variety of subject matter including the cityscapes of various cities, farmers markets, old and abandoned vehicles and, of course, the beauty of the Maine coast.  He has presented his work in Maine, New York, and New Hampshire.  He was chosen as one of 12 New England photographers to participate in a Photo Slam at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire. His Forgotten Transport exhibit at the Ripe Art Gallery in Greenlawn, NY was designated “Don’t Miss” by the Long Island Edition of NY Newsday.

All photographs Copyright 2005-2019 Jonathan M. Dunitz All Rights Reserved

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